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I like wrestling, music, cartoons, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, & American Horror Story
Actress in "The We And The I" directed by Michel Gondry. Writing songs and chasing a dream with a friend.
Midnight Massacre vocalist
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The fucking sound he makes kills me every time


Guys my dash did a thing…

Hulk Hogan on backstage pass was like

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Seth Rollins is secretly a student at Hogwarts 

Seth be like

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Seth has me in awe tonight. First he changed his clothes quickly, then he curb stomped Randy, like I wasn’t ready for that, and then he got on the top of the cell quickly. Like wtf Seth.

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watching a movie to research kane, i bet kane is watching the marine


i didn’t realize i needed a cena/ambrose buddy cop movie until now



Guys Stephanie denied the rumors that a Total Diva is not allowed to win the title 


I can’t wait for Rusev to lose and Vladimir Putin comes on TV and says “You suck” to Rusev because Kurt Angle whipped his ass

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